Premium Service JuneYao Airlines Again Awarded “User Satisfaction Premium Prize”
ReleaseDate: 2009-10-01

On January 22, at the “2008 Civil Aviation in the Eyes of Passengers” User Evaluation Results News Conference cum “Civil Aviation in the Eyes of Passengers” Work 16 Anniversary Celebration Meeting held by the Civil Aviation Administration of China, JuneYao Airlines was awarded “User Satisfaction Quality Prize” for annual passenger turnover under 5,000,000 person times group. As early as in last year, JuneYao Airlines was awarded this honor in “2007 Civil Aviation in the Eyes of Passengers” event, this time’s consecutive winning of the title arguably represents the affirmation of JuneYao Airlines by all social circles.

“Civil Aviation in the Eyes of Passengers” User Satisfaction Evaluation activity has been held for 16 years. In 2008, in accordance with the guiding spirit issued by CAAC for earnestly implementing civil aviation industry service quality work evaluation standards prescribed by the Central Government, CAAC Consumer Affair Center carried out “Civil Aviation in the Eyes of Passengers” activity. The survey method of this activity was chiefly on based on undeclared survey and supplemented by spot check, which reflected the principle of “Fairness, Impartiality, and Openness”. “Civil Aviation in the Eyes of Passengers” User Satisfaction Evaluation activity received the full affirmation and support from all social sectors, the whole civil aviation industry, and aviation consumers; meanwhile it played an active promotional role in improving aviation transport service quality.

During its development process, JuneYao Airlines continually promoted innovative service, attentive service, continually improved service quality, and received high level of recognition from all the passengers in the aspects of mid-air service, service for delayed flight, phone inquiry service, online ticket purchase service, and perceived value of airline company, for which it earned acclaim from all social circles. It has been learned that, aside from this honor, in the Shanghai “User Satisfaction Service Star” buildup activity organized by Shanghai Quality Association, Shanghai Municipal Trade Union Council, Communist Youth League Shanghai Committee, and Shanghai Women’s Federation, JuneYao Airlines Customer Center was awarded the honorable title of “Shanghai User Satisfaction Service Star” team. JuneYao Airlines will put forward each firm step on the road to pursuing high quality service, and fast access to the path of internationalization.