Wang Junhao Attended GTI Investment Forum
ReleaseDate: 2009-10-01

Between March 23 and 25, 2009, the Second Investment Forum of Greater Tumen Initiative (GTI), which was established under the proposal of United Nations Development Program (UNDP), and the Third Annual Meeting of GTI Business Advisory Council (BAC) opened in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of the Republic of Mongolia. All relevant nations in the Greater Tumen Area, including North Korea, Mongolia, South Korea, and Russia, dispatched delegations headed by government officials at vice minister level to attend the forum. The Chinese Delegation was led by Yi Xiaozhun, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Commerce; Wang Junhao, Vice President of the Group, attended the forum as a distinguished guest in the capacity of BAC Co-chairman at the invitation of UNDP.

In the morning of March 24, all BAC members and the 10th Consultant Committee Meeting (CCM) member country governments held a joint meeting, Wang Junhao, in the capacity of BAC Co-chairman, delivered a welcome speech. Khalid Malik, UN GTI resident representative, and liaison officer to China, and Mr. Ochirkhuu, Minster of Finance of the Republic of Mongolia, presided over the meeting. The meeting carried out discussion over the topic of “how to improve investment in North East Asia”. Meanwhile, topics like “preventing new investment barrier, pressing problems waiting to be resolved in customs and border transport, creating regional financial consortium in North East Asia” all became the highlights of meeting discussion.

In the following Second GTI Investment Forum held on March 25, Vice President Wang Junhao presented his own views and suggestions on the connection of international railway construction by following his innovative business practice and bold working approach, which was typical of him. He pointed out that, in terms of project operation, more emphasis should be placed on business principle when handling business affairs, to promote efficient fulfillment of targets through common business interests. Meanwhile he proposed BAC should make efforts to urge relevant nations to set up a joint venture railway construction company, and resolve conflicts in interests encountered during the business operation process by holding shareholder meetings. This proposal triggered heated discussion among delegates from the participating nations, and also attracted high level of attention from the representatives from all participating governments and relevant UN officials.

During the Forum, Vice President Wang Junhao conducted extensive communication with both old and new friends, and introduced JuneYao Group to friends from all other countries, promoted 2010 Shanghai World Expo, meanwhile he appealed to all the form attendants to give more publicity to GTI project and BAC organization in their daily business exchange, so as to build up extensive connections for the growth of the organization, and facilitate the attraction of more outstanding enterprises to join this platform for business expansion, and also attract more resources and opportunities for UNDP’s GTI project and the investment into the area by the countries involved, and consequently intensify policy support.

Through the 3 day meeting, Vice President Wang Junhao fulfilled his responsibilities and obligations at UNDP as pledged by JuneYao Group, greatly contributed to the efforts by BAC to bring out its proper function as GTI’s business brain trust. To this end, Mr. Amir Dossal, senior supervisor of United Nations Office for Partnerships specially presented a “Charter of the United Nations” with an introduction made by him to Wang Junhao, in order to commend the selfless contribution and unsparing support to GTI undertakings by JuneYao Group.