JuneYao Travel Website introduced brand new service hotline
ReleaseDate: 2009-10-01

Starting from August 17, 2009, JuneYao Travel Website 24 hour nationwide uniform service hotline has formally introduced brand new service phone number: 40078-16885. The previous service hotline number 40088-16885 continues to operate, and will remain in service until December 31, 2009. During this period, website customers can dial any of the above 2 hotlines for making inquiries, booking and business consultation. Starting from January 1, 2010, 40078-16885 will formally become the only official service hotline of JuneYao Travel Website. The previous service hotline 40088-16885 will be suspended from service.

With the change in the service hotline number this time, JuneYao Travel Website Customer Service Center has undergone significant improvement in call receiving quality: The number of service personnel in the call center has been increased, and training for improving professional skills of the staff has been strengthened, all these help made solid preparations for meeting the future travel peak season including the long holiday during the National Day holiday period and the Spring Festival transport period.