“GRAND ORIENT” welcome guests after fine tuning in brand layout
ReleaseDate: 2009-10-01
        Recently, not a few building enclosure panels have been erected on different floors of the “GRAND ORIENT”, many brand zones are separated for re-furnishing. According to what has been learned by the reporter from the business departments and the property management department, this move marks a fine tuning on brand layout initiated by the enterprise during the summer time sales off season. This time’s adjustment is not large in scale; the furnishing time for each zone will be kept within one month, so that the adjustment will be fully completed before September 1. As to the target of the adjustment, just like what’s been described by one business manager: Through this adjustment, the merchandise layout will become more well-coordinated, the brand combination will be more rational, and customer shopping will become more convenient, the image of “GRAND ORIENT” will experience new enhancement.
       In fact, at the time of the “Economic Work Conference for 2009” held at the end of last year, President Pan Xiaoyan put forward such requirements: Business operations must be fine-tuned for further optimization, the second to sixth floor of the “GRAND ORIENT” must undergo orderly fine tuning at appropriate time; equipped with forward-looking vision, we must grasp yardstick brands, and strive for long term benefits. This time’s summer fine-tuning is carried out exactly under the guidance of such requirements.
       This time’s layout fine tuning is first kicked off at the gold, clock and watch sales area on the first floor, which has expanded the business area of key brands, optimized the special sales hall surroundings of some brands. In order to enable male customers to find their wanted merchandise more conveniently, the second floor and fourth floor of Tower B also become the focus of this time’s fine tuning. Female merchandises previously scattered on all floors are now concentrated on the second floor of Tower B, which gives full consideration to the uniformity in the furnishing styles of female them sales zones, the female garment department will also make fine tuning on the image, variety, and services on its floor, and concentrate on resolving the issue of sluggish customer flow on he second floor of Tower B due to lack of cross-street pedestrian over-bridge. On the other hand, the male garment sales zones on the fourth and fifth floors will further optimize brand structure, so as to strengthen sales of formal wear brands, and fuller interaction between leisure and sporting sales areas.
       According to the business departments, this time’s fine tuning has also introduced many new brands, for instance female garment brands “EXCEPTION de MIXMIND”, “JETEZO”, “W.”, “ON&ON”, and male garment brands “LAMPO”, “LA VICO”, “S.D.SPONTINI”, which are all yardstick brands in the industry, and most of them have set up special counters in all boutique malls in all major cities across China. These superior brands join one after another in recognition of the brand management ability displayed by “GRAND ORIENT” after its upgrading, which further enriches the image of “GRAND ORIENT” for attracting numerous famous brands.