The Ninth Chinese Enterprise “Future Star” Annual Meeting ---Wang Junhao aired his opinions on “Growing New Force Bucking the Trend”
ReleaseDate: 2009-10-01

Between August 22 and 23, more than 300 famous entrepreneurs, executives of investment institutions, and economists from all parts of the nation gathered in Wuhan to participate in the Ninth Chinese Enterprise “Future Star” Annual Meeting. Since 2001, the Chinese Enterprise “Future Star” Annual Meeting has been held successfully eight times. The “Future Star” Annual Meeting each year offers the platform for releasing the annual “Future Star – Emerging Enterprise with the Most Growth Potential” ranking, in which 21 enterprises are awarded prizes each year.

Wang Junhao, Vice President of JuneYao Group, acting as an outstanding representative of domestic emerging entrepreneurs, attended this grand meeting, and served as the prize awarding guest for this time’s enterprise “Future Star” prize.

It has been learned that, this time’s Annual Meeting carried out discussion from multiple perspectives under the theme of “Growing New Force Bucking the Trend”, aiming at interpreting the growth momentum of Chinese emerging enterprises against the background of financial crisis.

At the seminar hold in the afternoon of August 23, Vice President Wang Junhao expounded his understanding of the diversified operations of JuneYao Group: “As long as efforts are made to achieve diversified investment and specialized operation; they will exist side by side in harmony.” He also pointed out that, emerging enterprises might have suffered setbacks in diversification, but they should never have “once bitten, twice shy” mentality. “Enterprises must seek development, crisis always exists at any given time for any industry, how to pull through these crises requires us to use wisdom gained from the Chinese civilization. After the accumulation in the past 30 years, China has started to move from the stage of material pursuit to the stage of spiritual pursuit, when many entrepreneurs gather together to have a chat, they will come up with the topic of what to do in the next step after making some money, this is a very important motivation for future economic development in China.”

Afterwards, he also mentioned the “differentiation” development of JuneYao Group in its positioning in the aviation industry, “airlines throughout the world are not earning profits, last year there was also a financial crisis, but we are growing relatively well”, “this benefits from our decision that in the beginning we decided to position ourselves to serve middle to high end service industry, rather than general aviation service industry. Within the period of a little over two years, we have established very impressive reputation.”

At this time’s “Future Star” Annual Meeting, a number of investment giants also expressed interest in investing in Wuhan. Wang Junhao disclosed that, Wuhan was the largest city with the second highest investment amount from JuneYao Group only after Shanghai Headquarters. “Now, we are considering setting up China’s largest distribution center for express courier service in Wuhan.”