“Grand Orient” Implements Organization Restructuring
ReleaseDate: 2009-11-01

Starting from August 12, Wuxi Commercial Mansion Grand Orient Co., Ltd has fully launched organization restructuring initiative.

It has been learned that, this “organization restructuring” of “Grand Orient” includes two aspects: Firstly, implement sweeping reform in the enterprise’s operation management model, to shift from “integrated purchase and sales” to “separated purchase and sales”, in order to consolidate business, enhance benefits, and standardize and refine management; Secondly, hire a group of new talents, let a group of young talents with both moral integrity and professional expertise to walk onto management posts, in order to cultivate the talent foundation for long-term development of the enterprise. While deploying “organization restructuring”, Pan Xiaoyan, Chairman of the Grand Orient Co., Ltd, pointed out that, “This marks a key event in the history of the corporate development, it relates to the long term development and long lasting successful operation of the enterprise.”

According to pre-determined arrangements, this “organization restructuring” also includes a major “system engineering project”—— studying, formulating and implementing internal control system, executive post responsibility system and performance assessment methods. The Company has set up three task teams to implement this work respectively. The introduction and implementation of this series of systems and methods will further standardize enterprise management, and help discover and cultivate more outstanding talents.