NO.150 Wenzhou Sales Network Created “Tourism Industrial Chain”
ReleaseDate: 2009-11-01

With the transition to a web age, JuneYao Group has gradually integrated E-commerce and traditional flight service business; by relying on the JuneYao brand, it enabled to follow a route of steady development in the flight ticket sales market. The reporter recently visited several major ticket offices of in Wenzhou, and discovered quite a few gratifying changes.

The reporter discovered that, the image of some key JuneYao air ticket office stores in Leqing, Rui’an, Pingyang, and Liushi in Wenzhou had all undergone renovation, which were brought fully in line with JuneYao’s E-commerce brand ——, a series of outdoor advertisements had been launched in the central area of all cities, brining a complete transformation in overall appearance.

It has been learned that, apart from the buildup of these visual image, also has made technical breakthrough in the connection of web functions. Its services including 24 hour service hotline, customer info data bank, business operation management platform, dedicated web pages for branch etc will improve the market competitiveness of

Furthermore, on the basis of previous ticket-selling business, has also extended its business to tourism market to provide customers with comprehensive services covering ticket booking, room booking, and tourism, so as to form a complete industrial chain.

When the reporter accompanied Lin Ji, General Manager of, in a tour to JuneYao Building in Longgang, Wenzhou, Lin Ji could not help exclaiming: “We started our business here, here is our ‘hometown’.”