Initial Sale of Pop Can “Milke” Topped 200, 000 Boxes
ReleaseDate: 2009-11-01

Under dedicated cooperation with dairy departments, the new product “Pop Can Milke” was formally marketed in August. Upon being launched into the market, this new product was welcomed by the great number of consumers and the market, with its initial sales having topped 200,000 boxes.

At the entire early development stage of the new product, the Dairy Marketing Department first carried out market survey and forecast, fed back the results to relevant departments for communication and discussion, and held repeated discussions on the research, development, and packaging of the new product in collaboration with the R&D Department.

Meanwhile, it integrated information on existing products and resources of the sales department to make comparison and strength-weakness analysis of products in the same category, formulated detailed strategies for the marketing plan of the new product; actively learned about market trends, and put forward directional recommendations to the development department; it actively established strategic alliance with associated enterprises, strived to set up cooperation which could supplement each other’s advantages, and borrowed their experience in cartoon culture to merge the expertise into products and services.

While the new products were meeting popular public demand, on August 27 the JuneYao Dairy Headquarters issued production quota for September to Yichang Branch. Owing to excellent sales of “Pop Can Milke”, and the increasing market demand, the production quota for September expanded to nearly 3000 tons, doubling the average level of the past months.

In the face of high volume of working quota needing to be finished within such a short period, under the leadership of the Company’s executives, the employees of Yichang Branch at all levels all started busy production activities. The Production Department made elaborate arrangement of the workforce, deployed production plan; kept close contact with suppliers, and ensured sufficient supply of production raw materials; the Quality Control Department extended their working time to intensify efforts in checking and production inspection during the production process.

It has been learned that the current production condition of JuneYao dairy Yichang branch is very satisfactory, the plant is confident that it can finish the quota punctually by the end of September to harvest excellent production results.