JuneYao Airlines “Start from scratch after three years, re-start business, attain rapid development, enhance ability”
ReleaseDate: 2009-11-01

On September 25, JuneYao Airlines held a celebratory meeting to commemorate the three year anniversary of the Company, President Wang Junjin attended the meeting and delivered an important speech. Chen Li, Party Secretary of the JuneYao Group and the JuneYao Airlines, the management team of the JuneYao Airlines, and over 80 cadres above section level and staff representatives attended the meeting.

Vice President Ji Guangping presided over the meeting. President Dong Lijia requested all departments to cooperate with each other, strive to create harmonious working environment, build up safe and highly efficient production chain, and further promote the rapid development of the Company.

Secretary Chen Li demanded JuneYao Airlines to accurately find its core competitiveness, cultivate awareness for crisis, continually consider and summarize the bottlenecks restraining the Company’s development and experience, make innovations on mechanism, enhance ability, and build up the service brand of JuneYao Airlines by adhering to the concepts of “safety, unity, refinement, transcendence”.

President Wang Junjin reviewed and confirmed the development progress and achievements made by JuneYao Airlines over the past three years. The President pointed out that, three years marked a stage, and also a new starting point; JuneYao Airlines must “start from scratch after three years, restart business, attain fast development, and improve ability”. He requested JuneYao Airlines to intensify efforts in staff training, improve service standard, improve ability in coordinated work, improve system organization ability, enhance team cohesion, and further acquire all abilities necessary for attaining rapid development; adhere to the positioning of refined service, adhere to further developing and deepening Shanghai base, adhere to opening up blue sea in business channels, open up core competitive routes, in order to make still greater contributions to serving the aviation industry.