Understanding China, strengthening economic and trade ties, EU students visited JuneYao – Specially engaged lecturer Wang Junhao recounted the growth
ReleaseDate: 2009-11-01

Recently, the touring instruction team of the central government for the study and practice activity of non-public economic organizations headed by Li Dongsheng, former director of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, Chairman of China Advertising Association, visited JuneYao Group for making survey. Ji Xiaodong, Deputy Director of the United Front Work Department of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of the Shanghai Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce; Wang Xijun, Deputy Secretary of the Shanghai Social Work Party Committee, participated in the survey.

During the survey period, the inspection team inspected the Century Old Shop Exhibition Hall and party member activity room of the JuneYao Group, listened to reports on JuneYao Group’s party construction work, and the study and practice on scientific outlook on development. According to the briefing, since the setup of the Group’s party committee five years ago, the party construction work had been guided by innovation, the Group not only pioneered the “one service, three satisfactions, and four integrations” working approach, but also explored the practice of “large party construction” in practice, this marked an innovation in the party construction theory and practice of private owned enterprises.

In his report, Chen Li also indicated that, in the aspect of scientific outlook on development, the party committee and Wang Junjin, President of JuneYao Group, shared the same understanding. At the Group’s study and practice activity mobilization meeting, Wang Junjin said that this time’s study and practice of “scientific outlook on development” stressed more on the feature of practice, this undoubtedly holds key significance to the overall target of our group’s development —— building “Century Old Shop”. “We will not put on fancy appearance, instead we will go after down-to-earth practice, we must find out problems in real practice, straighten out thinking, plot out the path, and clarify direction, in order to ensure there is planning for the enterprise, development for the employees, for which the chief responsible person of each unit must take charge to properly handle this task”.

After listening to the report, Li Dongsheng and Ju Xiaodong highly praised the practices of JuneYao Group. Ji Xiaodong said, “Your have done very refined work with attention to detail, JuneYao’s experience is worthy of popularization; after the Party organization is in place, there are personnel dedicated to the enterprise’s ideology work, labor relation, human resource development, and relation with the society, with very satisfactory results gained. We have so many private-owned enterprises; the key thing is to enable JuneYao’s experience to be recognized in the same way among more private-owned enterprises.