“Golden Ribbon” to build up “Grand Orient” premium service brand
ReleaseDate: 2009-12-01

Recently, the “Grand Orient” is enthusiastically holding “Golden Ribbon Service Event” contest, this contest will accordingly enhance the image of “Grand Orient” by building up the “Golden Ribbon” service brand, in order to enable the “Golden Ribbon” to become the service target of every “Mansion staff”.

According to relevant personnel of the “Grand Orient”, the contest will be kicked off on December 15, this time’s labor contest will make innovations in the form of contest activity, evaluation form of advanced unit, and the form of commendation and promotion and other aspects, and refer to the “Golden key” emulation methods of starred hotels to make constant consolidation and perfection of the “Golden Ribbon” service details.

It has been learned that, the “Grand Orient” has specially set up contest event steering team; the Chairman of “Grand Orient” Pan Xiaoyan acted as the team leader. Pan Xiaoyan pointed out that, this time’s labor contest must be guided by building up “Hundred Year Building”, and “Harmonious Building”, guided by the target of fulfilling the new year with “a good start” with brand new service image, wholeheartedly build up the “Grand Orient” service brand, in order to display the charming glamour of the Grand Orient boutique general merchandise, modern general merchandise, enhance enterprise sales ability to the maximum degree, enhance service level of all staff members to the maximum degree, and enhance the brand operation ability of all counters to the maximum degree.

The steering team of the contest event stressed that, for the “Grand Orient” to create the service brand of the “Golden Ribbon”, carrying out this time’s labor contest is only the starting point of the service brand promotion. After around two years’ implementation, if the “Golden Ribbon Service” wants to really become the symbol of the “Grand Orient” premium service, boutique service; the “Grand Orient” will also have to foster a group of “Golden Ribbon Service Ambassadors” and “Golden Ribbon Service Counters” with superior image.