Drumming up melody for welcoming the New Year, JuneYao Airlines “Super Value Product” to reward passengers
ReleaseDate: 2009-12-01

As the year end approaches, in order to enable passengers to personally experience super value attentive services, JuneYao Airlines recently launched “super value first class products”, so as to enable more passengers to experience full package special services of the first class cabin at discounted price.

It has been learned that, JuneYao Airlines has selected some routes to enable customers who have only paid a surprisingly low price from 30 percent discount price up to the full price of economy class seats of the flight route to enjoy first class ground and mid-air services of JuneYao Airlines. The reporter of this article has learned from the service staff of JuneYao Airlines that, the period of this event is from November 16 to December 31, the experience flights are flights from Shanghai to Guilin, Changzhi, Chengdu, Beihai, Xiamen, Taizhou, Changchun, Qingdao, Baotou, Liancheng, Dongying, and Nanning.

Meanwhile, JuneYao Airlines also drives the “Frequent Flyer Plan” to climax by adding a new member to its cooperation partner family —— “Kaluli” mall. Members of JuneYao Airlines only have to shop on “Kaluli” mall to obtain JuneYao Airlines frequent flyer bonus points; furthermore, when members are buying various sports articles at “Kaluli” mall, apart from enjoying preferential discount granted to members by “Kaluli”, they will also obtain 5% corresponding bonus points of the actual consumption amount in the proportion of “One bonus point = One yuan RMB”.

According to relevant staff of JuneYao Airlines, during this period will specially present New Year gift to customers. Between November 1 and December 31, JuneYao Airlines frequent flyers can receive high bonus points by booking hotels and actually staying in the hotels through, passengers can acquire chances to obtain free flight reward and other more gifts in a faster manner.

Since the introduction of non flight type gifts redeeming service by JuneYao Airlines, it has received widespread support and popularity from the members. Now JuneYao Airlines has also increased huge quantity of more exquisite and alluring gifts, and specially set up eight major gift sections, while attracting more attention from people, it will also further meet the redeeming needs of JuneYao frequent passenger members.

Follow-up news At 8 o’clock in the evening of November 24, JuneYao Airlines welcomed its 13th brand new Airbus A320 airplane introduced from Toulouse France at Pudong International Airport, meanwhile this is also the third airplane introduced by JuneYao Airlines this year. With the opening up of new flight routes such as Dongying, the joining of new airplanes will consolidate the carrying capacity of the existing fleet of the Company; the fleet scale is further expanded.