The Motherland delivers “Auspice” to JuneYao
ReleaseDate: 2009-12-01

In the morning of October 1, the meeting to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China by all social groups in the capital city was held ceremoniously on the Tiananmen Square in Beijing. Entrepreneurs of private enterprises from Shanghai including Wang Junjin, Chairman of JuneYao Group, Zhang Wenrong, Chairman of Yalong Investment Group, Wo Weidong, Chairman of Huiyin Group, were invited to attend the celebration ceremony for the 60th anniversary of the founding of the New China, viewed the grand military parade ceremony and mass pageant along with more than 15000 ceremony spectators from all parts of the nation and oversea countries and regions, attended the dinner party held in the evening, and watched the Capital Resident National Day Celebration Evening Party.

After the holiday period, the reporter of this article interviewed Chairman Wang Junjin who had returned from the ceremony, and asked him to tell his impressions of the ceremony site:

“The Chinese people stress ‘Cherishing great ambition with perseverance’, and ‘Winning great victory by virtue’. Since more than 160 years after the Opium War, so many Chinese with lofty ideals faced death calmly and died a martyr’s death for the grand mission of national rejuvenation, only the Chinese Communist Party can use truth to wake up the millions of workers and farmers, and walk onto the path toward country buildup and national prosperity. The road after 60 years since the founding of the Republic shows that, only the Communist Party can empower the Chinese nation to stand towering among the nations of the world, only the Chinese Communist Party can lead China to walk onto the road of national rejuvenation. The road of the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation must be walked by one generation after another, the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics is exactly such an inevitable road, this has already been borne out in practice.”

“After viewing the military parade and mass pageant, two set phrases leaped into my mind: ‘Iron and Steel Great Wall’, and ‘All the People of One Mind’. I am very impressed by the military parade phalanx and weapon display, our national armed force has developed into a mighty force and righteous force not to be underestimated by any one. Only a powerful nation can bring peaceful civilian life, and therefore fortune among the people. The development of JuneYao Group is also the results of hard struggle by numerous army defenders of the people. Private economy is the key force of national economic development, and also an important force for supporting national defense modernization construction, modern private enterprise entrepreneurs must have wider vision, broader mindset, and cherish concern for the world, and live up to the care, help, and cultivation of the motherland.”

“When giant portraits of Mao Tse-tung, Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin, and Hu Jintao emerged in the procession and booming enchanting echoed far up to the sky, I feel the greatness of the Chinese Communist Party is due to the fact that her theory and target are closely associated with the interests of the broad mass of the Chinese people, all of her leaders have created great theories which advance with the time.”

“When seeing he modeling of Shanghai float ‘Financial center’, ‘Shipping center’, I feel very proud. ‘Two centers’ are national strategy, the headquarters and core business of JuneYao Group are all located in Shanghai, and they are all closely related to the buildup of the two centers, JuneYao Group must have initiative, and have to actively take part in the construction of ‘two centers’, as the saying goes: ‘even puppies will bark loud’, private enterprises should also make contributions to national strategy. When seeing the float of Jiangsu Province ‘Jixiang Ruyi (Auspice and gratification)’, we naturally think of our airline, in calling our airline ‘Jixiang (Auspice)’, we hope to give ‘auspice’ to every passenger we serve. In fact, it is our great nation, and our great Party which deliver auspice to us, and to the enterprises.”

“I am confident to build JuneYao Group into a ‘hundred year old shop’ along with one generation after another colleagues, I hope I can witness the grand scenes of one hundred year anniversary of the founding of the Republic, by that time, JuneYao Group will be stronger, bigger and better than what it is today, our nation will join the ranks of developed countries, and fulfill the grand rejuvenation of the nation.”