Deputy Party Secretary of the Committee for Professional Social Work Wang Xijun Attended the Party Committee Democratic Life Conference of the Group
ReleaseDate: 2010-01-01

On December 2, the Group’s Party Committee convened “2009 Group Party Committee Democratic Life Conference”. Those attending the Conference included members of the Group’s Party Committee Chen Li, Gu Zengguang, Pang Lingyun, and Wu Dawei, party member representative and E-commerce General Manager Lin Ji; Zhao Jiazeng, representative of the democratic parties and Director of the Group’s Auditing Committee attended the meeting as an observer, Wang Xijun and other officials from superior party committees attended the Conference. The Conference was presided over by Chen Li, Secretary of the Group’s Party Committee.

The attending members of the Party Committee conducted in-depth analysis on the problems existing in the Party Committee and themselves over the past year. Gu Zengguang, the Group’s Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee mentioned that, since the start of studying and practicing scientific outlook on development, he had widely collected opinions from party members and the common staff, he himself had become profoundly enlightened, in retrospect the JuneYao Party Committee had been established for 5 years, although we felt proud of our achievements, there were also not a few regrets and inadequacies, he explained the points to be improved in the work of the Party Committee from the three aspects of system buildup, trade union and youth league work, and buildup of grass root units. Party Committee member Pang Lingyun put forward his own opinion on the suggestion that the Party Committee should play a greater role, do a proper job of the cohesion project, and truly act as “intimate friend in politics, and advisor for business operation”. Wu Dawei put forward detailed recommendations on the aspects of work undertaken by party member cadres, usage of activity expense, and the addition and adjustment of Party Committee members. Chen Li pointed out that, system buildup must start from the Party Committee, and start from Party Committee members, in the long term we must adhere to work for grass root units, Party Committee work must play actual role among both employees and senior directors through the access point of establishing the spirit of masters.

Finally, Wang Xijun, Deputy Party Secretary of the Committee for Professional Social Work, put forward several wishes: Wish JuneYao Party Committee can grasp theoretic weapons and never relax its efforts, sort out, generalize and analyze all problems that have cropped up, in order to make preparations for the rectification in the next step, adhere to simultaneous rectification and reform, grasp the basics, lay down the basics, properly handle work by revolving around the core issue of corporate development.