JuneYao “Interviewed” at CCTV “100 Day Countdown to World Expo”
ReleaseDate: 2010-01-01

Recently, CCTV China Finance and Economics Report program is producing a World Expo special program for welcoming the 100 day countdown to the World Expo. The program team selected JuneYao Group from among many outstanding enterprises as one the enterprise representatives, hoping to select true stories of enterprises benefiting from the World Expo through its subordinate JuneYao Airlines and JuneYao Creativity.

Between December 12 and 13, the reporter of this article accompanied China Finance and Economics Report program team to walk into Hongfang Design Department of JuneYao Creativity Company, East Nanjing Road World Expo Specialty Store and the World Expo product processing factory located in Qidong, Jiangsu, to shoot the whole process of Haibao design, production and sales at close range.

According to related chief supervisors of JuneYao Creativity Company, through the processing projects of World Expo products in ten categories, the Company has effectively propelled the operation of many small and medium sized enterprises in the surrounding areas, and created chances of survival for many export product processing factories which have fallen into operation plights. Meanwhile, by leaping onto the global brand stage through the World Expo: “JuneYao” has transformed from the previous singular operation of Olympic brands into diversified strategy of joining hands with multiple international sporting brands.

On December 23, the program team also visited Shanghai Pudong International Airport together with relevant staff members of JuneYao Group, shot images of welcoming the fourth aircraft this year of JuneYao Airlines for “100 Day Countdown to World Expo”, and interviewed several staff members of JuneYao Airlines.

When receiving interview by CCTV reporters, JuneYao Group Vice Chairman Wang Junhao said, owing to its participation of World Expo, JuneYao had become more widely and deeply recognized by all social circles, JuneYao brand effects had also been improved, the World Expo expanded the international development platform of JuneYao Group.

It has been learned that, this special program prepared at JuneYao Group by China Finance and Economics Report program will be broadcast on the date of the 100 day countdown to the World Expo, JuneYao Group will show up in CCTV program as one of the representatives which have served the World Expo and benefited from the World Expo.