NO.154 Achieved Significant Growth amid Competition in 2009
ReleaseDate: 2010-02-01

On January 16, the work conference for 2009-2010 was held in Hangzhou; more than 80 representatives from Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Kunming, Beijing branch companies of attended the conference.

The conference first listened to the work report for 2009 made by all branch companies and all departments of the head office. General Manager Lin Ji summarized the overall operations of Hangzhou Company and Wenzhou Company recorded the highest profits in recent years, and continued to remain in the leading position in the local market; Shanghai Company improved all indexes on YoY basis; Kunming Company made contributions to the sale and safeguard of the flights of JuneYao Airlines.

In order to continue to properly carry out all work tasks in 2010, and fulfill rapid growth in performance, the Conference held discussion on topics including the development strategies for business units, regional coordination, and team build-up. General Manager Lin Ji pointed out in his conclusion that, all business units must fully utilize the opportunity of the “World Expo”, intensify investment, promote infrastructure construction, enhance marketing ability, and speed up the pace of development of He also quoted the famous Buddhist saying “When one is on the way, the journey is one’s home”, with which he encouraged all the staff members to work with perseverance, strive for greater perfection, and cherish passion, innovation and vision in one’s (their) work.

Finally, Lin Ji and other officials of the Company awarded honorary prizes to outstanding teams, administrators and employees with remarkable contributions in 2009, in order to encourage the staff to make better achievements in the upcoming year.