“Tiger Hat Haibao” Welcomes the Year of Tiger
ReleaseDate: 2010-02-01

In order to welcome the Year of Tiger, JuneYao Creativity specially designed a “Tiger Hat Haibao” plush toy, which will be available for sale to consumers in the near future. The lovely Haibao is dressed in “tiger skin”, and instantly turns into a naughty small tiger, with a pair of bright and piercing eyes reflecting wisdom; its smart appearance will add new fun to the Year of Tiger.

Apart from “Tiger Hat Haibao”, JuneYao Creativity recently also developed a dynamic Haibao which can sing and dance. Its design concept resembles the “intelligent speaking Haibao” in 2008. The “intelligent speaking Haibao” is good at playing games and reciting, whereas the dynamic Haibao excels in its unique appearance design: Dressed in flaming red trunks, holding two sand hammers, laughing happily with both eyes narrowing into slits, its lovely appearance gives it instant appeal. When you lightly press down the hair of Haibao, it will immediately break into a dance, swaying its plump body left and right. Its cheerful expression is really funny.

It has been learned that, the production and cutting processes of this dynamic Haibao are extremely demanding, which strives to highlight its three dimensional image, in order to fully display the modeling features of Haibao. Furthermore, there are also fine adjustments being made in the internal structure of the dynamic Haibao, so as to ensure it to be a safe toy which can bring peace of mind to the parents. According to related news sources, this dynamic Haibao will also be marketed recently, and is expected to celebrate the New Year of the Year of the Tiger together with “Tiger Hat Haibao”.