Consultant Team Visited New School Buildings of Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School – Students of the School must “Cherish Chinese Heart,
ReleaseDate: 2010-02-01

On January 13, Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School received the visit of the School’s Consultant Team. This Consultant Team consists of members of the School’s Board of Directors and some specially engaged school consultants. They had, sincethe founding days of the School, instructed the teaching directions for the School, and continued to offer valuable suggestions during the development process of the School. Wang Junjin, Chairman of JuneYao Group and Chairman of Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School, participated in the consulting activities of the Consultant Team. Along with the Consultant Team he visited the Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School which had just relocated into new school buildings, listened to the School’s work report, and jointly proposed suggestions for the future teaching directions of the School.

In the “2009 Review” work report, Zhang Yueying, Principal of Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School, made a detailed report on the School’s faculty team build-up, moral education, course features, teaching methodologies etc, and specially introduced “Top ten moving incidents” of the School in the past year, various contest prizes awarded to students, honors conferred to teachers by the education circle, as well as new breakthroughs made by the School in the education sector.

Afterwards, the School reported to the Consultant Team its accomplishments in the teaching of “Physical Training Course” over the past year in the form of joint performance. It has been learned that, the one hundred plus students who had participated in the joint performance on that day had never received specialized training by the School’s dancing team. Their sincere and confident performance all came from daily study of the “Physical Training Course” and rehearsals before the joint performance. Through the students’ energetic dancing performance, the School presented to the Consultant Team such special teaching accomplishments unique to open style quality education which integrated Chinese and Western concepts.

After the singing and dancing joint performance, accompanied by the officials of the School including Wang Xiaoping, Executive Vice Chairman of Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School, the Consultant Team visited the new school buildings of the School, and walked into classrooms to personally experience the students’ pottery craftsmanship, calligraphy skill, physical training, and performance courses, and personally experienced the innovative teaching modes of the School. During the visit, through communication with the students, the Consultant Team discovered the benefits brought by the integration of Chinese and Western culture, for which they expressed admiration. Meanwhile, Wang Junjin proposed that the School must further carry forward the advantages of this education mode, and continue to popularize such open style education method that integrates Chinese and Western styles of the PYP Department.

At the discussion meeting, the Consultant Team and members of the Board of Directors jointly summarized the accomplishments of Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School in recent years. They indicated that, after the successful system transformation of Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School, with the joint efforts of both the investors of the School and the School officials, as well as the exploration and attempts in teaching reform made by the teachers, the School has now successfully found out a modern teaching mode suitable for the development of the School which integrates oversea education mode and actual national conditions in China, and stresses education of talent quality and open style education approach.

“Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School should further utilize beneficial resources of oversea education, build up a platform for domestic and oversea education exchange and resources sharing, integrate Chinese and Western culture, and popularize advanced teaching concepts to every grade and every class in the School.” After listening to reports and suggestions from all related sides, Wang Junjin expressed his wishes, “Students of the School not only should become talents, but also must become talents who can walk abroad and walk onto the global arena, they must ‘cherish Chinese heart, develop global mind’.”