Kicking off a Good Start, Sales Income Recorded New High--Daily Passenger Turnover of JuneYao Airlines Topped 10000 during Spring Festival Period
ReleaseDate: 2010-03-01

At the beginning of the Year of Tiger, JuneYao Airlines showed powerful momentum in its profit earning ability. During the Spring Festival golden week period, not only its daily passenger turnover topped 10000, its daily operation income also registered the highest record since the opening of JuneYao Airlines, thus bringing a “good start” to the Year of Tiger.

According to related working staff, during the Spring Festival golden week period, JuneYao Airlines guaranteed a total of 474 flights departing from Shanghai airport, up by 30% on YoY basis. The number of transported passengers exceeded 60000 person times. The average seating rate topped 80%, and the transport cargo, post and luggage volumes reached 60000 tons. All data registered historical new records. During the entire Spring Festival period, JuneYao Airlines added nearly 400 extra flights, with emphasis placed on increasing the frequency of flights to Changsha, Nanchang, Sanya, Harbin and some labor output intensive cities and business travel destination cities, in order to better meet the travel needs of the broad mass of passengers, and thus significantly improve the passenger transport volume and sales income of the Company.

In order to ensure the successful implementation of the Spring Festival transport schedule, JuneYao Airlines specially set up Spring Festival Work Team of the Company, drafted Spring Festival Operation Implementation and Safeguard Plan, and specifically adopted special safeguarding measures, such as passenger check-in service department dispatching extra guides, to assist passengers with check-in formalities and luggage consignment formalities, so as to reduce passenger queuing and waiting time to ensure travel convenience for passengers, provide safe and fast premium services. In order to facilitate passengers from other cities to come to Shanghai for reunion with family members, JuneYao Airlines also introduced a “Spending the Spring Festival in Shanghai” special package with up to 70% discount during the Spring Festival period.

JuneYao Airlines not only made circumspect consideration in the aspects of flight arrangement, security guarantee, ticket package etc, including mid-air service, JuneYao Airlines also strictly required the service team to enable passengers to have premium experience of “returning home” . On February 13, the New Year Eve of the lunar calendar, on one flight from Shanghai to Chengdu, one unaccompanied disabled passenger who had difficulty in moving about firmly grasped the hands of the flight stewardess and thanked her: “This is my happiest flight experience. From ground ticket ordering to mid-air service, you have demonstrated superior service spirit. In particular, today is the lunar New Year’s Eve. Before I arrive at my home you just bring me the atmosphere of home.” JuneYao Airlines has long adhered to the service spirit of “comfortable home”, as evidence during this time’s Spring Festival period it received thanks and praises form a great number of passengers.

It has been learned that, the fleet size of JuneYao Airlines has reached 15 today, the latest introduced passenger aircraft which was assembled in Tianjin was also the second self - purchased brand new aircraft of JuneYao Airlines since its inception.