Vice Chairman of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Song Beishan Visited JuneYao
ReleaseDate: 2010-03-01

On February 2, Song Beishan, Vice Chairman of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce (ACFIC), and his delegation visited JuneYao Group and its subordinate JuneYao Airlines in Shanghai. The delegation included Director of the Membership Department of ACFIC Liu Honglu and Officer of the Membership Department Qu Zheng. Wang Junjin, Chairman of JuneYao Group and JuneYao Airlines, accompanied the visit and reported details of the Group.

Song Beishan and his delegation first came to the venue of JuneYao Airlines near Hongqiao Airport. At JuneYao Airlines operation control center, they learned about the details on the operation control procedures of aircrafts, then they attended the meetings at the Commerce Department, Repair Engineering Department and Cabin Department respectively, and inspected the training process. Managing Vice President of JuneYao Airlines Zhao Hongliang, Assistant to President Chen Yeqing, General Manager of the Flight Department Song Jueming and other company executives, together with Wang Junjin, reported briefly to Song Beishan on the work details of JuneYao Airlines.

After earnestly listening to the work deployment and the vision of the JuneYao Airlines, Song Beishan expressed deep appreciation toward JuneYao Airlines, its “comfortable home”, “safe, punctual, refined service” concepts. Furthermore, the corporate pursuit of full utilization of resources, high efficiency, and low cost by private-owned airlines also impressed Song Beishan deeply.

Thereafter, accompanied by Wang Junjin, Song Beishan and his delegation arrived at the Head Office of JuneYao Group; they first went to Level 31 to inspect the working conditions of subordinate business departments. Then the delegation came to Level 37, along the “Culture Corridor” they walked to the “Exhibition Hall of Enterprise Startup”, Wang Junjin introduced in detail the process of business startup of the JuneYao Group, themed with “JuneYao Group building up Century-old Shop through sustainable development”, he focused on the introduction of the sustainable development of the Group’s subordinate main businesses, including aviation transport, marketing service, high-end business property and comfort living housing etc, and expounded on the concept of JuneYao Group for developing modern service industry.

Finally, the Party Committee Secretary of the Group Chen Li together with Wang Junjin accompanied Song Beishan to visit the club house on Level 32, introduced the functions, features and operation conditions of the club house. Furthermore, Chen Li made a brief report on the work by the JuneYao Group in studying and practicing scientific outlook on development to Song Beishan.

Song Beishan indicated that JuneYao Group had fully implemented the corporate concept of building up “Century -old Shop” through sustainable development; its efforts were worth commendation and popularization.