Two projects of JuneYao Group were awarded Study and Practice Activity Achievement Prize
ReleaseDate: 2010-04-01

Recently, a piece of good news was reported from the summarization meeting of the in-depth study and practice of scientific outlook on development activity in the Shanghai Social Work Party Committee sector, the “Century Old Shop Outstanding Constructor Selection” of JuneYao Group Party Committee and the “Five Nets” weaving scientific development blueprint of JuneYao Airlines Party Committee, were awarded Special Achievement Prize of the Third Batch of Shanghai in-depth study and practice of scientific outlook on development activity.

Closely centering on the theme of scientific outlook on development, the “Century Old Shop Outstanding Constructor Selection” carried out by JuneYao Group has selected a batch of outstanding staff members who are keen on making progress and bold in making innovations. The deeds of “Outstanding Constructor” will also be inscribed onto the Pillar of Achievements of the JuneYao Exhibition Hall of Enterprise Startup, to serve as the study model for practicing scientific outlook on development in JuneYao Group.

The Party Committee of JuneYao Airlines has compiled a series of detailed rules for implementation, through the study and practice activities it detected problems, pooled the wisdom of the masses, and established “Five Project Groups” and “Five Networks Patterns”. Up till now it has resolved not a few problems which are urgently in need of settlement in the eyes of the grass-root population, and clarified the working thoughts of “seeking development, building up brand, improving benefits, cultivating cohesion” in the next step.

Chen Li, Secretary of Party Committee of JuneYao Group, delivered an address at the commendation meeting. He summarized the features and highlights of study and practice activity of the JuneYao Group, he pointed out that only through scientific development could the Group build up “Century Old Shop”. He also indicated that the Party Committee of JuneYao Group would continue to supervise and urge the implementation of the rectification measures in 2010, in order to promote better development of the enterprise.