New Terminal + New Routes + New Slogan JuneYao Airlines strives to adhere to the slogan “New Aircraft, Heart-to-heart Service”
ReleaseDate: 2010-04-01

On March 16, Hongqiao International Airport Terminal 2 (T2) was formally launched into operation. All domestic flights operated by JuneYao Airlines are relocated to Terminal 2 from the previous Terminal 1 (T1).

In order to enable the first batch of passengers in the new Terminal building to successfully board the airplane, the workforce of JuneYao Airlines paid a special visit to the airport in early morning to send off the passengers, President of JuneYao Airlines Dong Lijia made a special trip to accompany the staff members.

The new Terminal T2 not only integrates the features of science, technology and human orientation in terms of exterior design, its total floor space also tops 4 times that of the previous Terminal T1. After relocating to the new terminal this time, on the basis of the previous setup, JuneYao Airlines has increased the number of check-in counters from 10 to 13, meanwhile it also adds 3 self service check-in counters and 1 “Frequent Passenger” member service center, and has further improved the VIP lounge functions and special customer guidance services, in order to enable the passengers to genuinely experience the attentive services of JuneYao Airlines amid comfortable surroundings.

As the opening of World Expo Shanghai draws near, in order to better serve the World Expo, and meet the increased needs for business and tourism travel due to World Expo 2010 Shanghai, JuneYao Airlines is continually improving and optimizing flight route network structure, and is intensifying its efforts to develop the tourism market in the western region. Starting from March 28, JuneYao Airlines again newly adds return flights from Shanghai to Xi’an, and Shanghai to Guiyang. This not only provides more options for local international transit passengers, it also to some degree enriches the flight route network of the Shanghai Pudong Airport. It has been learned that, in the past the flight from Shanghai to Guiyang usually departs in the afternoon, and the flight of JuneYao Airlines which takes off at 10:50 a.m. exactly complements this arrangement by offering flight service in the morning, which provides more convenient travel schedule for business passengers traveling between Shanghai and Guiyang.