Implement and enforce scientific outlook on development Speed up the transformation of economic growth pattern JuneYao Group studied and implemen
ReleaseDate: 2010-04-01

On March 27, JuneYao Group organized and convened a reporting meeting to study and implement “NPC & CPPCC” spirit, Wang Junjin, member of the CPPCC National Committee and Chairman of JuneYao Group, conveyed the relevant spirit of the Third Session of the Eleventh CPPCC National Committee to the Company, and communicated on some personal thoughts from this time’s attendance of the national “NPC & CPPCC” sessions with the meeting attendants.

The meeting was hosted by Chen Li, the Secretary of Party Committee of the Group, more than 100 persons from all subsidiaries of the Group in Shanghai attended the meeting. Wang Junjin first conveyed the related details and spirit of the “NPC & CPPCC” sessions, Jia Zhenxiu, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of JuneYao Airlines and Vice President of the Group, the Group’s Finance Director Jiang Hailong, Senior Manager of JuneYao International Plaza Company Chen Bei, General Manager of JuneYao Creativity Company Yang Yun and others respectively exchanged study experience after listening to the report.

During the joint discussion of China Democratic National Construction Association and All China Federation of Industry and Commerce circles, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee Hu Jintao conducted face-to-face communication with the members; Wang Junjin indicated he felt very much inspired. He pointed out that, the non-public ownership economy should continue to contribute efforts for safeguarding people’s livelihood and stabilizing employment, and must grasp opportunity to “go outside”.

Regarding the hot spot issues in the Premier’s report which attracted high level of concern, Wang Junjin pointed out that, it is necessary to transform the economic growth pattern, and extensively implement the scientific outlook on development. In the aspect of cultural construction, China still has much homework to do, it is necessary to place key focus on developing export brand enterprises and branded projects, enhance the international competitiveness of cultural export enterprises. Furthermore, members argued that in the aspect of social construction, it is necessary to continue intensifying efforts, and improve people’s livelihood. In the aspect of eco-civilization construction, it is necessary to conserve energy and improve efficiency, preserve eco-friendly environment, adhere to the mode of low carbon economy and green development.

The meeting closed on March 13. The meeting circulated a total of 760 pieces of speeches and written materials, a total of 5430 CPPCC proposals, in which 5163 pieces were established as real cases. Wang Junjin expressed his view that, this time’s government work report was pragmatic and dealt with concrete issues, and was supported by rich details; the core issue in the next step would be the issue of exercising execution ability.

Finally, Wang Junjin requested all staff members of the JuneYao Group to earnestly study and implement the spirit of the national “NPC & CPPCC”, propel the transformation of economic growth pattern, and intensify innovation efforts. Meanwhile, it is imperative to profoundly understand the work requirements proposed in the Group’s annual meeting, especially applying the “four thinking” deeply in the cultural construction of the company. It is required to soundly handle the current work tasks, further enhance the enterprise’s corporate competitiveness, improve work efficiency and operation ability, it is necessary to make constant innovations by revolving around “sorting out problems, resolving problems and re-improvement”.