Secretary of Party Leadership Group of National Industry and Commerce Association Quan Zhezhu Left Message during Inspection Tour to Shanghai:JuneYao
ReleaseDate: 2010-06-01

On the afternoon of April 23, Deputy Director of United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee, Secretary of Party Leadership Group of National Industry and Commerce Association Quan Zhezhu visited JuneYao Group for work inspection and instruction. Ji Xiaodong, Deputy Director of CPC Shanghai Municipal United Front Work Department, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of Municipal Industry and Commerce Association, and other officials accompanied the visit.

Chairman of JuneYao Group Wang Junjin welcomed the delegation of Secretary Quan at the entrance of JuneYao International Plaza, the delegation inspected JuneYao Business Startup Exhibition Hall and learned about the development of all business divisions under JuneYao Group on the 37th floor. Inside the JuneYao Group C32 Clubhouse, Wang Junjin reported on the Group’s “12th Five Year Plan” planning: JuneYao Airlines will, guided by the target of becoming more specialized and stronger, open up international flight routes, in 2015 it will expand the fleet size to 60 aircrafts, while reaching an annual sales of 10 billion yuan; the Group’s cultural creativity industry must also expand cooperation with international brands, deepen communication with brands such as NBA and FIFA; the education undertaking must make new breakthroughs, establish “R&D center” for premium education, increase efficiency to reduce the burden, and improve students’ competency.

Secretary Quan offered affirmation to the growth of JuneYao Group, and put forward three expectations for the further development of JuneYao Group: Firstly, private-owned enterprises must speed up the transformation of development approach, JuneYao Group must become a “brain company”, it must move faster to transform toward modern service industry; secondly, entrepreneurs must learn to master dialectical thinking, systematic thinking and strategic thinking, they must learn transcendence, and must develop steadfast mentality of “less is more ”; thirdly vigorously employ versatile carders with overall thinking, properly manage team buildup and risk management, enterprise executives must understand finance, they must be proficient at “calculating account”, understand controlling cost in the spirit of “putting human first”, and develop distinct corporate culture in practice.

Deputy Secretary-general of Jilin Provincial Government and the Director of Jilin Provincial Government Office in Shanghai Qi Jianjun, and Zhao Dejiang, secretary to Secretary Quan, accompanied the inspection tour. Secretary of the Group’s Parry Committee Chen Li and Deputy Secretary of the Group’s Party Committee Gu Zengguang attended the reception.