“Three Combinations, Three Innovations, Three Functions”--Wuhan JuneYao Real Estate Used “Golden Key” to Develop Cohesion
ReleaseDate: 2010-06-01

Recently, related officials from Wuhan Industry and Commerce Association and the Municipal Party Committee’s Propaganda Department visited Wuhan JuneYao Real Estate Development Company to inspect party buildup work; Secretary of the Company’s CPC Party Committee Li Le’an accompanied the whole course, and reported the basic conditions of the Company’s party buildup work.

Li Le’an introduced that the ideological and political work promoted by the Company starts from “Three Combinations” which helped stimulate employees’ potentials, implement all business tasks, and effectively resolve employees’ actual problems. He indicated that the Company carried out “Three Combinations, Three Innovations, Three Functions” ideological and political work in order to unleash the enterprise’s cohesion function, incentive function, and restraining function, which injects powerful momentum into the enterprise for faster, better and steadier development.

After listening to the report, Wang Guangyu, Deputy Chairman of Wuhan Industry and Commerce Association, pointed out that it is very rare to see non-public enterprises to be able to carry out ideological and political work in so vivid manner in Wuhan’s Industry and Commerce sector. In particular, in the real estate development process, JuneYao Company’s approach to regard promoting ideological and political work as the “booster” for demolition and relocation work when dealing with “tough” problems related to the immediate interests of the mass is a very effective method. He encouraged Wuhan JuneYao Real Estate Development Company to continue to properly handle the “Three Combinations, Three Innovations, Three Functions” ideological political work, bring out the “Golden Key” effect which develops cohesion in order to play an exemplary role for more non-public enterprises in Wuhan.