“Grand Orient” Registered Good Results in “Breakout”
ReleaseDate: 2010-06-01

Starting form the first half of this year, Wuxi kicked off its urban metro construction project; the “Grand Orient” is located in the center of the “Besieging” of this time’s metro construction, but its sales results were not in the least affected, instead it registered a heartening result of around 20% growth in monthly sale on top of the previous month.

This encouraging growth trend of “Grand Orient” perfectly matches the advertisement slogan of the enterprise it recently introduced —— “The City Is Growing, We Are Growing; the City Is Dreaming, We Are Dreaming; the City Is Innovating, We Are Innovating”.

It has been learned that in the first month of the urban metro project, the general merchandise main business of “Grand Orient” realized 20% growth in sales compared with the same period last year, the entire first quarter recorded 15% sales growth. In addition, it becomes very obvious that brand merchandises played a key role in the sales growth, in which the sales growth of world famous products and fashionable women’s garments reached above 37%.

For a long time, while selling merchandises, the “Grand Orient” also focused on building up and promoting corporate brand, culture and functions and other fashion elements, whose aims are to strike a chord in the heart of the customer, and promote changes in consumers’ life concept and lifestyle. In this aspect, “Grand Orient” also recently introduced “Love Outdoor, Love ‘Oxygen’ Life” sales event, whose performance was very satisfactory, the sales growth reached 25%. This promotion integrated all merchandises related to outdoor life, including cosmetics, garment, articles of daily use, sport equipment, for promotion under the concept of containing “oxygen”.

It is evident that the disadvantage of “besieging” in surroundings did not trouble the growth of the “Grand Orient”. Pan Xiaoyan, Head of the “Grand Orient”, pointed out that, as the urban metro construction project develops, the “Grand Orient” will face even grimmer challenge in traffic, environment, and crowd flow, how to cope with the difficulties, and make the “Grand Orient” stand out in the “breakout” has become an important subject at the current stage.