JuneYao Airlines Applied for Operating Flight Routes to Macao and Fukuoka in Japan
ReleaseDate: 2010-06-01

JuneYao Airlines applied for operating international flight routes with CAAC East China Regional Administration on May 17, and successfully convened “Formal Application Meeting for JuneYao Airlines International (Regional) Operation Supplementary Review” presided over by CAAC executives. The holding of this application meeting signaled the formal entry of JuneYao Airlines into the process of opening flight routes from Shanghai to Macao and to Fukuoka, Japan.

Executives of CAAC East China Regional Administration highly praised the meticulous and circumspect preparations of JuneYao Airlines, and put forward detailed requirements on the review work of JuneYao Airlines in the next stage. According to this time’s review work schedule, JuneYao Airlines is expected to be granted operation certificate by the end of June.