JuneYao Airlines Created “Zhuhai-Macao Golden Pathway”
ReleaseDate: 2010-06-01

JuneYao Airlines actively cooperated with Hong Kong-Zhuhai Airport Management Co., Ltd to build up “Zhuhai Macao Golden Pathway”, in order to enrich the aviation service departing from Shanghai to Zhuhai, and provide convenient and economical travelling option for passengers. It has been learned that JuneYao Airlines has one flight each day shuttling between Shanghai and Zhuhai.

The opening of “Zhuhai-Macao Golden Pathway” will fulfill the integration between Zhuhai Airport and Macao, and highlight Macao’s tourism resources for Zhuhai Airport; this move will help build up Zhuhai into an important portal city and entry access path for Mainland passengers traveling to and from Macao and Macao passengers traveling to and from the Mainland.

According to news sources, Hong Kong-Zhuhai Airport Management Co., Ltd also opened up a direct bus service from Zhuhai airport to Macao downtown area ——“Zhuhai-Macao Direct Express”, which further improved the ground transport network service of Zhuhai Airport, and brought convenience to more passengers from Shanghai making transit from Zhuhai to Macao. With one-stop direct transport service from Zhuhai Airport, this service only needs 60 minutes to reach Macao downtown area, therefore achieve seamless docking service from Zhuhai Airport to Macao; as a result, passengers traveling to and from Macao via Zhuhai Airport will enjoy more convenient and faster transport service.

Furthermore, JuneYao Airlines and Hong Kong-Zhuhai Airport Management Co., Ltd recently cooperated to introduce “VIP Privilege - Esteemed Experience”. All passengers travelling first class and VIP member passengers who take Shanghai to Zhuhai flights of the JuneYao Airlines from May 10 till June 30 can claim “Zhuhai-Macao Direct Express” redemption voucher at JuneYao Airlines check-in or ticketing counters in Pudong Airport Terminal T1. With such “redemption voucher”, passengers can collect one free ticket of the direct express bus service from Zhuhai Airport and Macao, and enjoy fast and comfortable travel experience.