JuneYao’s New Product Robot Haibao Marketed
ReleaseDate: 2010-07-01

Following the intelligent talking Haibao, and the dancing and singing Haibao, JuneYao Creativity again designed and developed a walking Robot Haibao, which has been formally marketed with a price of 100 yuan.

With only 10 cm in height and the size of a mobile phone, the lovely Haibao transformed itself into a robot; the small size makes it easy to be carried around. Robot Haibao can move its limbs; when loaded with battery, it can stride forward with chest thrown out, just like a well-trained soldier full of spirit and energy. Robot Haibao has also mastered a special skill, for when you insert a name card into the half-clenching fist, a name card delivering robot will appear in front of you.

Such a cute, lovely and clever Robot Haibao has been formally marketed in June; it attracted the attention of a large number of consumers the moment it was placed into the counter of the franchise store.