JuneYao’s Party Committee Deployed “Striving to Excel” World Expo Pioneer Campaign
ReleaseDate: 2010-07-01

Recently, JuneYao Group’s Party Committee organized and convened Party Committee meeting, with the focus on deploying tasks to promote JuneYao Group “Striving to Excel” World Expo Pioneer campaign. Members of the Group’s Party Committee, including Chen Li, Gu Zengguang, Wang Zhaowei, Wu Dawei, and Pang Lingyun, attended the meeting.

Chen Li pointed out that, “Striving to Excel” campaign is the extension and deepening of the study and practice activity for scientific outlook on development, and is an important guarantee for Shanghai to hold World Expo successfully. To conduct “Striving to Excel” activity at in-depth level, it is necessary to activate the interior motivation of the broad mass of party members and party branches, focus on resolving problems, bring out functions, and obtain real effects, emphasize “practice”, and highlight action, meticulously design the theme for striving to excel and the action carrier. It is imperative to discover, summarize, publicize models, bring out the function of typical leading model role, and create healthy atmosphere of striving to stay advanced and striving to become model inside the group, and try to become “World Expo Pioneer”.

On June 22, the Group’s Party Committee organized all secretaries of party branches to convene a special meeting, in order to promote the “Striving to Excel” work oriented toward grass-root party organizations, encourage party members to open blogs, so as to display the image of party members in the new era, and set up instant info groups with branch as unit. The meeting also proposed that each party branch must regard promoting production operation and all business tasks as the target, painstakingly design practical and effective activity , and requested each party branch to organize at least one activity in innovative form before July 10 with the content centering on the theme of “Striving to Excel” .

After the meeting, the Group’s Party Committee also organized secretaries of party branches to tour the beautiful World Expo Zone in the evening.