JuneYao Airlines Successively Awarded Two Honors
ReleaseDate: 2010-07-01

In June, JuneYao Airlines was successively awarded two honorable titles of “21 Future Star —— Emerging Enterprise with Highest Growth Potential” and “Outstanding Brand Prize to Influence China”.

At the tenth Chinese Enterprise “Future Star” Annual Meeting held in Nanjing from June 24 to June 26, “Future Star —— Emerging Enterprises with Highest Growth Potential” ranking was ceremoniously released. Owing to its continual growth, sustainable profit earning ability, as well as innovative business model and strategic foresight in technology, market and management in the past three years, JuneYao Airlines was acclaimed as an emerging enterprise with the highest growth potential and a staunch driving force in the aviation industry.

The second Chinese Brand and Communication Summit held in Beijing on June 27 was a meeting for commending Chinese enterprise brands and communication brands. With its gradually expanding brand influence and competitiveness in recent years, as well as its continually emerging innovation ability, JuneYao Airlines became strongly favored by the judging committee, and won the “Outstanding Brand Prize to Influence China”.