Minister of Commerce Chen Deming Inspected “Grand Orient”
ReleaseDate: 2010-07-01

Recently, the delegation headed by Chen Deming, Minister of Commerce, paid a special visit to “Grand Orient Department Store” for inspection and survey accompanied by Zhang Weiguo , Vice Governor of Jiangsu Province, and Yang Weize, member of the standing committee of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Wuxi Municipal Party Committee, along with municipal government officials such as Fang Wei and Ni Bin etc.

Accompanied by executives of the “Grand Orient”, Chen Deming’s delegation started from Level One of Tower A of the “Grand Orient Department Store”, and inspected each level. The dedicated halls for a large number of international famous merchandises on Level One of Tower A attracted everyone’s attention. After respectively inspecting “24 hours” dedicated hall and “Septwolves” dedicated hall, Minister Chen showed great concern by comparing the prices and quality of these two brands, and exclaimed that it was imperative to study the issue of how to enable Chinese consumers to buy international brand merchandise priced at the same level with oversea market from taxation, sales and other channels. When walking to the clock and watch zone on Level One of Tower B, Minister Chen went out of the way to stop in front of “TUDOR” sales counter, very amiably chatted with sales assistants and asked about prices and brand supplier info.

During the inspection tour, Chen Deming talked cordially with Pan Xiaoyan, Chairman of “Grand Orient”, and both found the conversation very congenial. Minister Chen Deming asked: “I heard that your car sales is very impressive, how about the car consumption level of Wuxi residents?” Pan Xiaoyan immediately reported that in the first quarter the car sales grew by about 18%; and a new block for car sales is under construction and so on; Minister Chen Deming was overjoyed when hearing the news.

This time’s survey activity of the Ministry of Commerce also arranged a seminar. Pan Xiaoyan, Chairman of “Grand Orient”, was invited to attend the seminar; she reported the development history of the “Grand Orient”, and put forward some suggestions on developing China’s general merchandise retail sector.