Juneyao Airlines Took “Multi-pronged Approach” to Enhance “Ruyi” Quality
ReleaseDate: 2010-08-01

JuneYao Airlines newly opens Chongqing route

In an effort to actively improve flight network, starting from July 20, JuneYao Airlines will newly add Shanghai to Chongqing flight route, with one flight service scheduled each day.

Operating under the code name HO1245, the newly opened Chongqing flight route takes off at 7: 30 from Hongqiao Airport each Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and departs from Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport at 10: 40; on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday it takes off from Hongqiao Airport at 19: 20, and departs from Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport at 22: 35. The advantage of flight take-off at Hongqiao Airport greatly facilitates the travel arrangements of the passengers, and the morning and evening take-off schedule on alternate days also adds great convenience to passenger’s selection of flight time.

To celebrate the opening of the new flight route, JuneYao Airlines has introduced multiple promotional events including “Affordable Ticket Price” with up to 50% discount, “One Free Mag-lev Train Ticket for Each Flight Ticket” and “Point Giveaway for Frequent Passenger”.

Repair Engineering Department sticks to front line posts for achieving Green World Expo

To ensure the successful operation of Shanghai World Expo, the mechanics personnel of JuneYao Airlines Repair Engineering Department worked diligently at the front line during the recent consecutive high temperature days, which guaranteed safe operation of aircrafts, and effectively improved the attendance rate of aircrafts.

Recently, the Pudong Flight Route Group C of JuneYao Airlines Repair Engineering Department (namely Pudong Base Third Workshop) was awarded the honorable title of “Pioneer Worker” by the Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions as a result of their outstanding performance. This task team consisting of 21 mechanics undertook the flight route maintenance, trouble shooting and logistics work for ten aircrafts at JuneYao Airlines Pudong Base; as the “guardian” of JuneYao Airlines passengers, they quietly supported the punctual operation of each flight of JuneYao Airlines.

Guided by the “Green World Expo, Scientific World Expo” concept, the mechanics of JuneYao Airlines actively advocated energy saving and consumption reduction in fulfilling their dedication to building up economical team. In their post-flight and pre-flight work, they insisted on using power supply vehicle to supply power to the aircraft for performing routine maintenance and logistics work wherever there is no need for APU (Auxiliary Power Unit). Meanwhile, the mechanic reliability management office used specialized software to analyze APU usage. One mechanic once offered an explanatory comparison, saying that based on two and a half hour post-flight operation time, they can save fuel consumption equivalent to about 30000 yuan for ten aircrafts at Pudong Airport by using external power supply in post-flight operations each evening.

Ground Service Safeguard Department attended to details to ensure safety

Starting from June 1, JuneYao Airlines established Ground Service Safeguard Department, which further strengthened info dispatching work on the previous basis. “Pay attention to detail, vigorously strengthen safety” has become the primary task for the info dispatching department.

Info dispatching is both a platform for collection and release of field info, and also a department for supervising front line production. When you analyze the occurrence cause of many accidents in safe production, they are invariably the result of qualitative change accumulated from one after another error in small details. If the check-in department issues a wrong boarding pass when handling check-in, it might lead to the passenger boarding the wrong aircraft; in the event of the discovery of wrongly boarded passenger before takeoff, the whole aircraft must be evacuated, all passengers and luggage must pass security check-up once more, so that the follow-up flights will be long delayed. Therefore, even a small error will lead to major safe production accident of luggage mishandling.

JuneYao Airlines Info Dispatching Department meticulously checks every possible safety hidden hazard in work, and delegates responsibility to each staff member, it strictly controls key detail node in each flight. Info dispatching staff should perceive responsibility at common post, and stress sense of responsibility in work detail, implement the safe production concept down to each action, in order to guarantee the safety of each flight.

The Business Department Played up “Melody of Peace and Harmony”

In order to enable travelers from all corners of the nation to experience more comfortable Expo trip, recently JuneYao Airlines Business Department set up “World Expo Peace Volunteer Squad” at Pudong International Airport, in order to cooperate with public security border control department, and strengthen security work for the airport during the World Expo period. Their work slogan is “Start from myself, begin from things around me, pay attention to detail”.

Each day, when the JuneYao Airlines check-in counter welcomes the first batch of passengers, JuneYao World Expo Peace volunteers will immediately show up. These volunteers will properly handle their own work, meanwhile they will closely watch every small change around them, such as by which corner stands unattended luggage, where there seems to be suspicious person loitering around, or where there are people needing help. While maintaining airport safety, the JuneYao World Expo Peace Volunteer Squad adds a sense of urban harmony to the Airport.

“JuneYao World Expo Peace Volunteer” activity not only reflected the spirit of JuneYao Airlines to serve the World Expo, it also established “Creating harmonious Shanghai, safeguard peaceful World Expo” service model for the broad mass of front line staff members. Despite the small size of red armband worn by volunteers, it signifies significant meaning, for all volunteers are shouldering grand missions, they will bring JuneYao Airlines “Ruyi At Home” service to every traveler coming to Shanghai to visit the World Expo.

Pursers focused on new service concepts

To better serve the World Expo, 24 pursers of JuneYao Airlines Cabin Department recently held a World Expo Service Workshop, hoping to further improve mid-air service quality among cabin crew during the Expo period and explore new type service concepts through the workshop.

By combining existing problems in the existing service quality aspect as well as the direction for making improvements, through criticism and self-criticism of the attendants, the workshop conducted exchange and communication in advanced working experience and thinking. All the attendants unanimously agreed that, the practice of a mature purser to impart flight organizing experience to young purser through the “Pass on-Help-Guide” pattern is an effective way to achieve rapid improvement in the new purser’s working competency.

Through this time’s service workshop, the crew team of the Cabin Department submitted World Expo service improvement program to the Company, which put forward several new thinking approaches in the aspect of service innovation: Organize all crew members to get familiar with the traffic conditions around Hongqiao Airport T2 terminal building and Pudong Airport, provide convenience to passenger travel; the World Expo period coincides with summer season in Shanghai, passengers are likely to present stroke symptoms, the pursers should prepare articles for cooling heat and prevent stroke by themselves, so as to be able to cope with any contingency; add one World Expo pavilion introduction each day in the flight service procedure, first add pavilion introduction of China Pavilion before introduction each time, so as to help the passengers know the World Expo in a faster manner.

First class cabin service “Ruyi At Home”

With the progressive maturity and the fast growth of the enterprise, JuneYao Airlines spared no effort in developing and improving high-end services. During the World Expo period, JuneYao Airlines’ premium first class cabin service extended from flight cabin to the ground, in order to enable the passengers to acquire distinct prestigious experience the moment when they step into the airport terminal.

Targeting at a portion of passengers who buy first class cabin tickets, the first class cabin service team has set up first class cabin check-in counter at the airport terminal zone, the counter features comfortable environment decorated with blooming flowers, complete with offering of confectionaries and special luggage rack. Furthermore, first class cabin passengers can also enjoy specially prepared luggage tag, special luggage transit box services.

Eye contact, standing-up service, delivery of articles with both hands, surname service etc are all service criteria for passengers by the first class cabin counter, “Could you please give me your contact method?” Upon obtaining the passenger’s consent, JuneYao Airlines will promptly and accurately send out the flight info needed by the passengers.

By focusing on serving the World Expo, JuneYao Airlines strives to bring each detail to perfection, and bring privileged treatment to every service step, in order to create prestigious World Expo travel experience for the passengers.