Wenzhou Native Youth Elites Visited JuneYao
ReleaseDate: 2010-08-01

On the afternoon of July 25, in an activity which was organized by Wenzhou Municipal CPC Committee United Front Work Department, a group of Wenzhou native youth elites which were led by Pan Yixin, the Deputy Director of Wenzhou Municipal CPC Committee United Front Work Department, visited JuneYao Group for study and communication. Chairman Wang Junjin, and Secretary of the Party Committee Chen Li of JuneYao Group enthusiastically received this group of Wenzhou native youth elites from both home and abroad.

Wang Junjin introduced JuneYao Group’s development to this group of youths born in the 1980’s and 1990’s, he told them that: “You are the hope of the future; the next era belongs to you. You carry the hope of Wenzhou private-owned enterprises; you will also shoulder the mission of China’s economic development.” He requested the youths to feel gratitude, be thankful to this age, and to the space for creativity offered by this age, “You must value the existing resources and conditions, learn more, practice more, and experience more, learn to confront various hardships and setbacks, only in this way can you reach maturity earlier.”

Wang Junjin indicated that, one must “be ambitious and persevering” when carrying out an undertaking, and develop vision. He stressed that the youth must adopt down-to-earth attitude, work steadily, steadfastly adhere to one’s dream in one’s mind, and make constant progress toward the pre-set target.