Ningxia Federation of Industry and Commerce Visited JuneYao Group
ReleaseDate: 2010-09-01

In the afternoon of August 13th, led by Luo Yulin, Deputy Director of the United Front Work Department of Ningxia Party Committee, Secretary of Party Group of the Federation of Industry and Commerce, and Liu Jinhu, the Chairman of Ningxia Federation of Industry and Commerce, a 27-person delegation of Ningxia Federation of Industry and Commerce visited JuneYao Group for interaction and communication. Chairman Wang Junjin and Secretary of Party Committee Chen Li of JuneYao Group personally received this group of guests coming from afar. Director of Economic Department Fan Tianping, and Director of Organization & Personnel Department Zhang Xinhua of Shanghai Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce also participated in the communication.

Wang Junjin first expressed sincere welcome to the visit by the delegation of Ningxia Federation of Industry and Commerce, he said: “Although I have not visited Ningxia for many times, I was assigned to the same group with Chairman Liu Jinhu at the ‘Two Sessions (NPC and CPPCC)”, so we had the opportunity to communicate with each other very often, and in this way I learned some info about Ningxia enterprises. This time you come to JuneYao Group for inspection and guidance, just like a meeting between old friends, I feel really happy from the inner-depth of my heart.”

Afterwards, Wang Junjin shared his business startup experience and the Group’s current development conditions with the attending guests. He mentioned that, this year all business divisions of the Group are showing excellent growth momentum, aviation and commercial retail sectors all the more displayed satisfactory growth, and the results are far better than those in the same period previous year.

Liu Jinhu thanked the warm hospitality of the JuneYao Group, he said: “Since 2005 when JuneYao Group proposed to transform toward modern service industry, we have been watching the development of JuneYao Group for a long time; it can be argued that the fast speed with which JuneYao has made progress is beyond our expectation. Today JuneYao Group has become the best enterprise in the modern service industry across the nation. The path JuneYao has travelled deserves being carefully studied by us, and we have every reason to consider and study the development concepts and meanings contained in the process.”

After the communication activity, the delegation visited JuneYao Entrepreneurship Exhibition Hall; after personally experiencing JuneYao’s development history and glory, the delegation wrote down the inscription of “Wish JuneYao Group to Fly Higher”.