JuneYao Party Committee “Strives for Excellence”
ReleaseDate: 2010-09-01

Recently, the Group Party Committee implemented the spirit of the opinion of the Central Party Committee on deepening the “striving for excellence” activity among the party’s grassroots organizations and party members, and earnestly deployed and carried out “Striving for Excellence” activity within the Group.

Through study, the Group’s party members have come to fully recognize that “Striving for Excellence” activity is an important measure to consolidate and expand the whole party’s efforts to further carry forward the outcomes of “study and practice” activity, it is an important task requiring regular practice for party construction. Under the leadership of the Group Party Committee, party members actively promised, and voluntarily received mass supervision, and tried to “lead the way to study and improve, lead the way to strive for better results, lead the way to serve the mass, lead the way to abide by the law, lead the way to foster healthy trends”, regularly subject oneself to assessment by the party organization and the common mass, in order to strive to become outstanding Communist party member, become the staunch supporters for building JuneYao Century Old brand, and welcome the 90th anniversary of the founding of CPC with outstanding achievements.

In their activities to further learn and practice scientific outlook on development, Party members of JuneYao Airlines Party Committee have contributed unremitting efforts to the enterprise’s development, and have accomplished remarkable results. In this time’s “Striving for Excellence” activity, they earnestly studied theories, mobilized the mass, innovated form of activity, and enriched activity contents. Party members indicated that they must wholeheartedly serve the World Expo, and make yet greater contributions to the re-creation of corporate glory.

Party branches of the Group Headquarter, JuneYao Creativity,, and JuneYao Dairy also respectively offered public commitment to regard party branch construction as the stronghold for implementing and enforcing scientific outlook on development, build the party member team into a core force for implementing and enforcing scientific outlook on development, and take real action to welcome the first quarter assessment for “Striving for Excellence” activity.