Haibao, Conveys “Heart-to-heart” Spirit
ReleaseDate: 2010-09-01

Volunteers of Shanghai World Expo zone, because of their green and white two-color garment, are affectionately called “Little Cabbage” by the Expo visitors, whereas the Haibao plush toy in “Little Cabbage” image all the more whipped up a new round of Expo fashion trend.

This model of “Heart-to-heart” volunteer-like Haibao, designed by JuneYao Creativity, wears green and white garment with unique “Little Cabbage” features, and conveys the spirit of friendly service to consumers with a smile. It has been learned that the volunteer Haibao, which is only recently launched onto the market, now has become one hot selling item in all major World Expo franchised merchandise store in Shanghai.

The “Little Cabbage” inside the Expo zone is a shining World Expo name card, they stick to their post, and answer questions of the visitors, regardless in the scorching sun, or in stormy rain, the “Little Cabbage” figure has become a brilliant view inside the Expo zone. Today, JuneYao Creativity transforms the lovely Haibao into “Little Cabbage”, and conveys such “Helping others, while delighting oneself” ---- “Heart-to-heart” spirit to more people through Haibao.