Safety Supervision Team of CAAC East China Regional Administration Visited JuneYao Airlines for Safety Inspection
ReleaseDate: 2010-10-01

On September 9th, Zhu Zhoulong, Chief Pilot of East China Regional Administration of CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China), headed an 11-person supervision team to visit JuneYao Airlines for general safety inspection.

Jia Zhenxiu, Vice President and Safety Director of JuneYao Airlines, delivered detailed report on the execution of safety production self-check conditions, operation status quo, human resources and training time, the Company’s organization and management, as well as rectification measures for safety self-check and so on adopted by the JuneYao Airlines in accordance with CAAC requirements to the supervision team.

After listening to the report, Chief Pilot Zhu Zhoulong offered affirmative comments on the aviation quality, implementation of the spirit of related CAAC meetings and arrangement of self-check work by JuneYao Airlines, and provided detailed requirements on the implementation of the rectification measures and guarantee of safe production in the next stage for the JuneYao Airlines.

After the meeting, the supervision team divided up to carry out guidance and inspection in frontline departments.

The reporter also learned that, in order to ensure aviation safety, on August 30, a Special Inspection and Survey Team from the Aviation Standard Administration Section under Shanghai Supervision Bureau paid a visit to the aviation, passenger cabin, and operation control departments of the JuneYao Airlines for safety inspection, the team listened to relevant work report, and provided guiding advices and suggestions.