Change Mindset, Create Value through Innovation Wang Junjin Delivered Keynote Speech ‘Innovation Starts from Here’ at the “World Expo Chinese Entre
ReleaseDate: 2010-10-01

On September 25, at the Chinese Entrepreneur Day of Shanghai World Expo themed with “World Expo, the Starting Point for Changing the Future”, over 100 representatives from China’s enterprise circle including Wang Junjin, Wang Shi, Zhang Yue, Shen Nanpeng, Shi Derong gathered in Pudong to discuss opportunities of the World Expo and the growth of Chinese enterprises. Chairman of the CPPCC Municipal Committee Feng Guoqin attended the meeting and delivered an address.

Centering on China’s urbanization issue, the attending entrepreneurs actively discussed economic transformation, industrial innovation, urban future sustainable development and other hot spot issues, in order to further deepen and interpret themes of the World Expo, and explore the action path of entrepreneurs in the “Post World Expo” period.

At the meeting, Chairman of JuneYao Group Wang Junjin delivered a keynote speech on “Innovation Starts from Here”. He stressed that the World Expo is an opportunity for “Seeing the world without going abroad”; it offers a chance to transform people’s mindset and thinking approach. “I visit the Expo by adopting the attitude of a student, this is because only in this way can you have more memorable experience.” Wang Junjin cited an example he saw in the US Pavilion, because of the action of a little girl, it changed the mindset of people living in the entire neighborhood community, who finally changed a garbage ground into a street garden, “After watching the story, I feel it holds great inspiration for us to govern our own city, street, and community. The change in thinking can change life, and can therefore create a wonderful life.”

Wang Junjin pointed out that, “Innovation Started from Here” means looking at innovation from the big stage of the World Expo; for instance, electric light, telephone, cars, computers, these products which have far-reaching impact on our present life are all first displayed at the World Expo before being popularized. One thing very important about innovation is to have global vision, only by thinking over the development of industry and enterprise with global vision can we stand on a higher level to change, promote, and consider the opportunities in the post World Expo era.

“JuneYao is a senior sponsor of the World Expo, in the aspect of the development of franchise products, we also adopted some innovative practices, for instance, the talking ‘Smart Haibao’, singing and dancing ‘Dynamic Haibao’, in order to better transmit World Expo concepts among consumers through the development of franchise products.” He argued that so long as the entrepreneurs absorb the innovation essence of the World Expo by cherishing the “empty cup thinking”, innovation concepts can drive forward sustained development of an enterprise. Just like JuneYao Airlines under JuneYao Group, it adhered to innovation, and insisted on developing its unique features, distinguished itself from low-cost aviation services, traditional aviation services, and high-end aviation services, and consistently provided differentiated services with distinct JuneYao features to mid to high end passengers.

“Innovation should ultimately bring value to the enterprise and the society.” Wang Junjin firmly believes that the absorption of world leading concepts and technologies through the platform of the World Expo will bring competitiveness to the enterprise, and bring endless power for sustainable development.