Zhou Yupeng Visited JuneYao Group
ReleaseDate: 2010-11-01

On October 21st, Shanghai Services Federation visited its vice president unit ——JuneYao Group. Chairman of JuneYao Group Wang Junjin, Vice Chairman of JuneYao Group and Vice President of Shanghai Services Federation Wang Junhao received the delegation led by Zhou Yupeng, Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Standing

Zhou Yupeng expressed admiration toward the “Century Old Shop” plaque and “JuneYao Group Outstanding Builder” Contribution Pillar in the JuneYao Entrepreneurship Exhibition Hall; he indicated that the century vision is the cornerstone for driving long term development of JuneYao Group, the selection of outstanding builder is also a fine example of JuneYao’s corporate culture.

At the meeting, Zhou Yupeng listened to the report of JuneYao Group and became visibly moved, he said: “The development history of JuneYao Group is exactly a vivid epitome of private-owned enterprises over the 30 years of Reform and Opening up in China, the concepts of innovation and sustainable development now advocated by the state government are both finely represented by your performance.” Zhou Yupeng pointed out, “you must continue to carry forward the hardworking and enterprising spirit, make concerted efforts, and strive to make the JuneYao ‘Century Old Shop’ live longer, grow stronger and bigger.”