JuneYao Airlines newly adds flights to Urumqi and Yichang Scheduled to open flight route to Hong Kong in December
ReleaseDate: 2010-11-01

On October 14, JuneYao Airlines opened a promotion meeting for the new Urumqi route which would soon to be introduced; this route will be formally opened on October 31, and become the longest flight route of JuneYao Airlines. Furthermore, JuneYao Airlines will also open up Shanghai to Yichang route in November.

It has been learned that there will be one return flight from Shanghai to Urumqi each day, bearing the flight number HO1255/ HO1256. The service will take off from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport at 9: 50 each morning, and arrive at Urumqi Diwobao International Airport at 15: 25; then return from Urumqi at 16: 20, and arrive at Shanghai Hongqiao at 20: 40 each day.

The Shanghai to Yichang service has the flight code of HO1239, it takes off from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport at 7:50 in the morning Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week, and arrives at Yichang Sanxia Airport at 9: 50; the return flight HO1240 takes off from Yichang Sanxia Airport at 10: 40 in the morning of the same day, and arrives at Shanghai Pudong International Airport at 12: 30.

The opening of the two new flight routes is a part of the winter-spring flight season program for execution by JuneYao Airlines. To facilitate passengers’ travel, JuneYao Airlines has also specifically adjusted the flight schedule and take-off/landing airport of some flights. After the change in seasonal schedule, the take-off and landing airport of return flight from Shanghai to Chongqing are both relocated to Hongqiao Airport, Shanghai to Baotou route also increased flight frequency, with two services commuting between Shanghai and Baotou each day. As tourism activities to South China enters peak season, JuneYao Airlines will also increase carrying capacity on hot flight routes such as from Shanghai to Sanya route, and fine-tune flight schedule, which will provide convenience for passengers to make rational arrangement of tourism itinerary.

To celebrate the opening of the new flights, JuneYao Airlines has introduced preferential ticket prices with up to 70% discount, meanwhile it has also introduced multiple benefit programs including “50% extra point reward for frequent flyers”.

The reporter also learned that JuneYao Airlines would open nonstop route from Shanghai to Hong Kong in December.