Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School Branch to Open in Qingpu
ReleaseDate: 2010-12-01

The Agreement Signing Ceremony celebrating the open of the Qingpu Branch of Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School (WFLPS) in Qingpu District Dianshanhu New Town was held in JuneYao Group Headquarter on November 9. Chairman Wang Junjin, Vice Chairman Wang Junghao and Vice President Xu Biao of JuneYao Group, accompanying Deputy District Head of Qingpu District Zhu Mingfu, Party Committee Secretary of Qingpu District Education Bureau Lu Wenyi, and Chairman of Dianshanhu New Town Development Company Lu Qianlin attended the ceremony and delivered speeches. Executive Vice Chairman Wang Xiaoping and Headmaster Zhang Yueying of WFLPS attended the Signing Ceremony.

The successful signing of this agreement of the education project signifies that JuneYao Group will introduce premium education resources of WFLPS into Qingpu by setting up a first-class bilingual primary school in the Dianshanhu New Town area, with the branch and the main campus of WFLPS operating in an interlinked model of resource sharing and synchronized management. In addition, a World Foreign Language Kindergarten will also be set up in Dianshanhu New Town. Wang Junjin indicated that WFLPS Qingpu Campus should not only ensure education quality of the primary school, and also build the kindergarten into a top class bilingual kindergarten in China.

It has been learned that WFLPS Qingpu Campus is the first branch of WFLPS, as well as the first education project to be established in Qingpu New Town. Therefore, the historical significance is considerable. By injecting premium education resources of WFLPS into Qingpu, JuneYao Group is not only helping improving the cultural competitiveness of this newly urbanized area, but also making great contribution to promote the overall image of Qingpu District.