JuneYao Airlines Formally Awarded Qualification for International Operation
ReleaseDate: 2010-12-01
The Awarding Ceremony of Supplementary Qualification Ratification of Operation Certificate for International (Regional) Operation of JuneYao Airlines was held in Shanghai at 16:00, October 29. Upon authorization of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, CAAC East China Regional Administration awarded the new “Air Carrier Operation Qualification Certificate” and “Operation Standard” to JuneYao Airlines, which certified that JuneYao Airlines had reached industry standard in all safety operation indexes, and that the airline formally obtained qualification for international operation.

Wang Junjin, Chairman of JuneYao Airlines, pointed out that JuneYao Airlines has been developing in a healthy, steady and qualified manner all along, and that the acquisition of international operation qualification certificate signifies that JuneYao Airlines has reached international operation standard, which is of great importance in terms of the Company’s sustainable development in the future. “We must continue to expand business, enhance service quality and promote the brand from now on. Meanwhile, as an airline based in Shanghai, JuneYao Airlines must also seek development in Shanghai, and make its due contributions to creating a powerful country in civil aviation and helping the building of Shanghai aviation hub.”

Zhao Hongliang, Executive Vice President of JuneYao Airlines, emphasized that by proceeding with SMS supplementary operation qualification ratification work, JuneYao Airlines will strictly follow the requirements of CAAC and establish and continue to improve the company’s safety management system. In addition, the Company will actively carry out international operation risk management and properly coordinate the relation between safe operation and company development, as well as economic benefits. He also stressed that it is imperative to enhance staff training, foster safety awareness, regulation awareness and responsibility awareness, and earnestly improve the company’s safety management standard.

Thanks to the growth in passenger flow during the Shanghai World Expo period, the profit of JuneYao Airlines this year will double on a year-on-year basis. It has been expected that the aggregate profit of JuneYao Airlines this year will be more than 400 million yuan.