JuneYao Airlines Opened Flight Routes to Yichang and Urumqi
ReleaseDate: 2010-12-01

At 10: 40 a.m. on November 10th, JuneYao Airlines’ maiden Yichang flight landed on Sanxia Airport to meet a warm welcome through a “Rainbow Gate”. This marked a grand “Reception” ceremony for JuneYao Airlines by Sanxia Airport, signifying the formal entry of JuneYao Airlines into Yichang’s aviation market. Wang Junjin, Chairman of JuneYao Group and JuneYao Airlines, took this first flight to pay a personal visit to Yichang to attend the maiden flight ceremony. Secretary of Yichang Municipal Party Committee Guo Youming, accompanied by Mayor Li Lecheng and other officials attended the ceremony.

At the maiden flight ceremony, Wang Junjin said emotionally, “Opening Shanghai to Yichang flight indeed involves human sentimental factor. It is to pay a debt of gratitude to Yichang area.” This flight route not only links up economic and cultural exchanges between the two cities, but also signifies another new starting point for JuneYao Group in its efforts to aid the construction of the Three Gorges Dams, and to promote the development of Yichang.

When receiving interview from Yichang’s radio and TV media reporters, Wang Junjin said that the opening of JuneYao Airlines’ Shanghai-Yichang flight route filled a void in the morning flight schedule between the two cities. “We will continue running this flight route, and increase flight frequency at appropriate time in view of market changes.” He added.

To celebrate the opening of the new flight, JuneYao Airlines has introduced a number of preferential ticketing policies, all of which will bring greater growth to Yichang’s economy and tourism industry. Wang Junjin expressed his optimism toward the prospects of Yichang’s aviation market, and the determination to serve Yichang economy, and reward Yichang people so as to fulfill the beautiful wish of “JuneYao Airlines brining more traffic convenience to Yichang”.

Previously, JuneYao Airlines has opened Shanghai-Urumqi return flight route on October 31st, and created the farthest flight distance in the company’s history. The opening of Urumqi and Yichang new flight routes marked a significant development in JuneYao Airlines’ flight route network map. Up till now, JuneYao Airlines has opened 40 domestic flight routes.