2010 Survey on Employee Satisfaction Degree Under Way Smoothly
ReleaseDate: 2010-12-01
In December, the 2010 Employee Satisfaction Degree (ESD) survey hosted by JuneYao Group HR Department, supported by the IT Department of, and co-organized by the administrative HR departments of all business units, made smooth progress under the full support of all departments and all business units of the Group.

This time’s ESD survey adopts the form of online anonymous questionnaire, which unfolds questions on six aspects, namely staff recognition on the company’s strategic vision, the degree of recognition on the company’s core culture and values, sense of pride toward the Company, employee satisfaction degree on company management, employee satisfaction degree on staff self development, and employee satisfaction degree toward job reward.

On December 15th, JuneYao Group HR Department issued online questionnaire login number to employees of all units in the Group, including Group Headquarter, Shanghai JuneYao International Plaza, Yichang JuneYao International Plaza, Wenzhou JuneYao Hotel, JuneYao Dairy, JuneYao Creativity,, Wuhan JuneYao Real Estate, and JuneYao Airlines. By December 24th, 90% of employees from all units of the Group fed back info to HR Departmen. The result showed that employees had actively cooperated and supported this year’s ESD survey.

JuneYao Group HR Department summarized preliminary data based on the feedback info. Judging from the available info, employees have relatively high recognition and relatively deep understanding on corporate vision and corporate core culture, and many employees revealed their sense of belonging toward the company as well as their pride as JuneYao staff in the questionnaire. Some survey options such as “I am fully confident toward the prospect that we will become an outstanding, globalized ‘Century Old Shop’ in the modern service industry”, “In my opinion ‘Century Old Shop’ can make JuneYao a sustainable company, and a long thriving brand”, and “I’m glad to announce that I come from JuneYao on public occasions”, all obtained high scores.

Furthermore, in the questionnaire, employees also offered sincere advices and suggestions on the company’s management system, policy, salary and benefit mechanisms. Some employees mentioned that they hoped the company could provide more human care to grassroots employees in various forms, strengthen training on professional expertise and work competency, expand employee’s career growth space. Some employees also suggested that, while grasping development opportunities, the company should also reinforce system management, and avoid all legal and financial risks.

All these candid ideas and suggestions from employees reflected in the ESD survey questionnaire provided pragmatic and reliable reference foundation for the Group to further improve management system, and draft relevant management rules and incentive measures.

At present, data from the ESD survey questionnaires are still being processed and sorted out, JuneYao Group HR Department will hold full scale analysis on the questionnaire results in the next step, and compile an ESD survey Report, in order to identify adjustment needs and determine related measures.