Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School’s PYP Section Successfully Passed IBO Assessment Visit
ReleaseDate: 2010-12-01

On December 6, Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School (WFLPS) received a piece of good news: WFLPS’s PYP Section successfully passed the follow-up visit of the Assessment Team of International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO); IBO continued to authorize WFLPS as a PYP school.

This marks the first follow-up visit to WFLPS by IBO since it authorized WFLPS as the first PYP school in the world run by Chinese in 2007. The Assessment Team dispatched by IBO PYP Head Office held a 3-day follow-up assessment at WFLPS from December 1st till December 3rd.

According to IBO’s assessment results, WFLPS PYP Section basically accomplished satisfactory growth in the four areas of “concept, organization, course, student”, and 8 items out of 9 indexes were assessed by IBO as “having displayed satisfactory development results”. Meanwhile, the Assessment Team further requested WFLPS to continue to improve PYP written course.

In this time’s follow-up visit to WFLPS, the Assessment team gained in-depth understanding of WFLPS PYP course proceedings through inspection tour, reading documents and lecture observation; meanwhile it also interviewed PYP teachers to learn about the efforts made by the school in the concept implementation and target fulfillment for PYP courses. During the interview process, the teachers expressed high level of recognition toward PYP education concepts, and their outlook on active practice, which were highly praised by the Assessment team.

WFLPS actively promoted PYP education concepts, continually improved work in all aspects, which received favorable recognition by the Assessment team. The assessment specialists pointed out that the school conformed with PYP characteristics in terms of surrounding layout; both teachers and students could deeply understand PYP concepts, and continually fulfill self-examination and improvement; under the guidance of PYP courses, WFLPS students come to acquire excellent power of understanding and confidence, and have more opportunities to practice team coordination and mutual respect, which developed students’ individuality, and helped students fulfill self value.

Assessment specialists also indicated that the teachers, the administrative team and the school’s Board of Directors of WFLPS whole-heartedly supported PYP; during conversations and discussions they fully demonstrated their trust in PYP, and are convinced that PYP is the best study approach for students. The faculty of WFLPS dedicated enthusiasm to PYP project, and displayed amazing thirst for knowledge, and gained profound understanding of the project.

Specialists of the Assessment Team felt very pleased over the awareness of self-improvement and innovation showed by WFLPS PYP Section in all stages. As they remarked, “Both the teachers and the students of WFLPS are striving to advance toward PYP teaching targets; students in this school love study, and we are facing a team full of vitality in a very promising school!”