Wang Junjin Awarded “2010 Shanghai Leading Talent” Title
ReleaseDate: 2010-12-01

Shanghai Confederation of Out-of-town Enterprises (Associations) in Shanghai convened an annual meeting in Shanghai on December 21st. The meeting commended “Leading Talents” who have made outstanding contributions toward promoting social development and economic construction. Upon recommendation by the Confederation, and submission by the Office of Cooperation and Exchange of the Municipal Government for approval by higher authority, Wang Junjin,Chairman of JuneYao Group, Xue Jiayu,Chairman of Dehui Group, and Chen Denghua, Chairman of Zhongfa Group were awarded the title of “2010 Shanghai Leading Talent”.

During this year’s selection of “Shanghai Leading Talent”, a large group of outstanding talents with contributions to social development and historical reform have emerged. Among these talents, there is also a batch of corporate core personalities such as Wang Junjin, Xue Jiayu and Chen Denghua, who have led their respective teams to keep pace with the times, effectively integrated resources, and achieved sound and fast development, with which they made positive contributions to the society.

By leading JuneYao Group to develop the “Century Old Shop”, Wang Junjin actively responded to the call of the state government, and adhered to the main path of speeding up the transition of economic growth under the guidance of scientific outlook on development. Under his leadership the enterprise has steadily succeeded in the transformation toward globalized modern service industry.