JuneYao Airlines Awarded Safety Management System (SMS) Operation Code
ReleaseDate: 2011-01-01

Recently, JuneYao Airlines Safety Management System (SMS) Make-up Qualification Certificate-issuing Meeting was held in Shanghai. CAAC East China Regional Administration issued SMS “Operation Code” to JuneYao Airlines, which signified that JuneYao Airlines’ SMS construction was approved by CAAC, and its safety management standard rose to a new height.

It is learned that JuneYao Airlines started to implement the construction of safety management system since May 2009, the Company’s SMS Leading Group planned and constructed SMS system framework, and all staff members actively participated in SMS system construction. At present, most SMS related functions of JuneYao Airlines have been accomplished; by sorting out and improving the company’s handbook document system and operation procedures, the company’s operation safety quality and management standards have experienced significant improvement, which laid down solid foundation for JuneYao Airlines’ continued safety management, system safety, orderly operation and further expansion in the future.