“Happiness Project” to Build up Harmonious “Home” Culture
ReleaseDate: 2011-02-01

At the 2010 Annual Work Conference of JuneYao Group, Chairman Wang Junjin put forward the concept to build up the company’s harmonious “Home” culture. He clearly pointed out that, vigorously improve economic benefits, vigorously enhance employee happiness index, and vigorously build up harmonious “Home” culture is one of the core tasks in the company’s “Twelfth Five Year Plan” period. In order to better implement the proposal of building up “Home” culture put forward by Wang Junjin, the Group’s Brand Department held a public opinion survey called “What is happiness” between February 9th and 18th, which was targeted at all employees in the Group and its subsidiary business divisions.

Among the 50-plus persons randomly interviewed by the working staff, some are frontline employees stationed in Wuhan, Yichang, and Wenzhou; some are administration personnel working in the Company’s Headquarter in Shanghai. Over 50 persons working at different posts respectively explained their different understanding of “happiness”. The Brand Department one by one assembled these definitions of “happiness” which contained each person’s different outlook on life and values, and recently held an in-depth interview with Chairman Wang Junjin.

When asked “whether or not he is happy”, Wang Junjin gladly answered: “Of course I’m very happy”. Then, he recounted in detail his understanding of “happiness” to the reporter: “In my view happiness is a natural mentality, requiring always cherishing a heart of gratitude, a peaceful mind, and positive attitude in the face of any person and any thing; happiness involves both contribution and reward, the enterprise will try its best to create ‘happiness’ for employees, and employees will try his best to develop interaction with the enterprise; happiness is a result of the process of self accumulation and cultivation, the platform of ‘happiness’ is provided by the enterprise, but happiness itself needs to be earned and created by the employee himself.”

Wang Junjin argued that happiness is related to each one’s self-cultivation, mindset, recognition and outlook on values; it is also associated with working environment, corporate culture, and value manifestation.

In the work process, making employees feel “happiness” is one of the key aspects needing an enterprise’s attention. Building harmonious “Home” culture, and enhancing employees’ happiness index are important directions of the Group’s “Twelfth Five Year Plan”. To implement “Home” culture, Wang Junjin emphasized to implement “Happiness Project”, which will systematically bring human care to employees to let them experience happiness at “Home”.

“Take opening staff restaurant as an example, we successfully resolved the ‘constantly shifting dining venue’ problem for the employees. Secondly, we will continue to improve performance culture, employees will very likely get a raise if they do a good job. Thirdly, we must develop recognition channels, best performing employees must be commended, we must create a platform for capable persons to fully display their talent. Fourthly, we must have ‘happy’ team relation, so as to bring out the positive role of competent and responsible team leaders, who will lead the team in work, and guide team members to develop clear-cut and unified outlook on values. Make ‘family members’ share common outlook on values is an important foundation for building ‘Home’ culture. Fifthly, we must develop home visit system, and walk into employee’s home, understand their real experience of ‘happiness’, understand any potential difficulties in their home, and convey the warmth of a big family through home visit.”

Finally, Wang Junjin one by one explained the definition of “happiness” in the eyes of over 50 employees.

Reporter: Among the employees’ understanding of “happiness”, could you please select several opinions which you approve of.

Wang Junjin: Here one employee mentioned: “Obtaining approval for finished work, fulfilling personal value, making progress in career, that’s happiness”. Indeed, the fulfillment of life’s value is the manifestation of happiness. We want to build up “Home” culture, and this requires every family member to develop common outlook on values, and work hard in that direction.

Some employees also said: “Happiness is someone will encourage you and tell you ‘You can make it!’ when you are completely at a loss”, this shows that employees hope to obtain timely comment from superiors, who should give commendation when the job is well done, and point out where the problems lies when something goes wrong, so as to realize the function of performance culture, and make the employees aware of their development directions.

A number of employees mentioned that: “Understanding gratitude is happiness”, this coincides exactly with the Heart of Gratitude in the “Ten Hearts Principle” I have often mentioned. Fostering “Ten Heart Principles” is very important toward building up “Home” culture, every family member of us should constantly remind ourselves of the “Ten Hearts”, develop healthy moral character, so as to acquire happiness, and enjoy happiness.