“Grand Orient Department Store” Awarded “Golden Ribbon” to Outstanding Employees as Incentive
ReleaseDate: 2011-03-01

With the start of the Year of the Rabbit, the “Golden Ribbon” activity of “Grand Orient Department Store” is focusing efforts on building up a more systematic service upgrading system. At present, this activity is now organizing stringent assessment for promotion to 3-star grade. The assessment contents not only include service details such as daily standard practices, reception manners, and attitude toward complaint, but also cover posture and accomplishment in daily work, which will provide the foundation of assessment performance to determine promotion or demotion of employee star grade.

It has been learned that, the 74 previously rated 2-star employees will be assessed and scored respectively based on 30 assessment items in 15 targets. Only those whose target fulfillment rates are all above 80% will be awarded promotion eligibility; those who have 2 items below 60% in target fulfillment rate will be demoted to 1-star grade; those with 5 items below 60% will be deprived of star employee title.

The “highly competitive” stringent assessment in the “Golden Ribbon” activity aims to effectively improve the service quality of “Grand Orient Department Store” through the appraisal of employee star grade. This time’s “Golden Ribbon” service upgrading system will also implement a specific assessment mechanism which links up service quality with reward/penalty and welfare. Outstanding service personnel will wear badge on the post; the company will encourage outstanding employees with material and spiritual rewards as dual incentives.